Best Kratom Strain Pain Energy

Kratom is available in many options, and one can never exhaust the available option that is available. Whether you are using Kratom as a pain reliever of for energy enhancement, there is always a kratom that perfectly suits your needs. Notably so find the perfect kratom is not a simple duty and it is also costly. A guide to assist you in familiarizing with the different strains available in the market, as per your individual needs. 

Finding the strongest kratom strain


The difference in strength of the various kratom strains lies on the makeup of the quantities and the kind of alkaloids that are present in a particular type.It is important to discuss the different strains and the effects of the different strains. So ass to know the strongest pressure of the available one sin the market it would be prudent first to discuss the available strains and the different effects. The effects covered include stimulation, euphoria and or sedation although we will focus on energy effects and the pain relief properties.

Best  strain of kratom for pain relief

Most people are using kratom solely for its pain relieving properties. The analgesic effect of kratom is solely based on the quantity of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine that is in each strain. The above alkaloids will act on the body receptors thus repressing the receptors pain sensitivity. Alkaloids help the body in releasing its natural endorphin; endorphins helps in reducing body pain sensitivity. The higher the alkaloid concentration as found in the kratom strain the better of a pain relieving agent it is.

Some of the best Kratom strain known for its analgesic effects include the following;

Maeng Da

Maeng Da is the strongest kratom strain in the globe currently. It is used by people who are suffering from chronic pain, cancer and arthritis. It also acts as a sedative after its consumption especially if consumed in high quantities.


Bali has a high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine the users of this strain experience a substantial analgesic effect.The said alkaloid magnifies the interaction between the pain receptors thus taking down the sensitivity and increase in tolerance.


This strain as the name suggest originates from Malaysia. Malay is appropriate for reducing mild pain relief. There is a crop of users that prefer this twist as they are looking for a mild pain reliever.It reduces pain while enhancing the energy too.



Borneo is used widely by people who are suffering chronic pain, muscle pain and joint pain. However, the dosage should be controlled, as it is the strongest strain too.Having a smaller dosage is usually enough for most people who are looking for a therapeutic effect. A large dose is known to increase the analgesic effect of Borneo.