Teeth-whitening methods


A bright, white, sparkling smile is a highly-coveted asset in the fashion and beauty world. However, it can be very expensive to get cosmetic teeth-whitening done by professionals, so why not do it yourself? Pearly Whites is a company that understands the desire for gorgeous teeth, so they have formulated a range of brilliant products to help you towards achieving your stunning smile.

What products are available?

Pearly Whites offers a range of fantastic products for DIY teeth whitener, suitable for a range of budgets, timeframes, and method preferences:

Whitening Strips

22dkjgrjghioCoconut oil and activated charcoal are the stars of these whitening strips which work to fix discoloration of the teeth. Very safe to use and gentle on gums and teeth, anyone can use these strips in the privacy of their own home! This is a cost-effective choice for those wanting to try out the powers of Pearly Whites teeth whitening products for the first time.

Express Whitening Pen

This is the easiest of the Pearly Whites products to use. The pen-style applicator ensures a clean and tidy process, with optimum results. All you need to do is brush the product onto your teeth, relax for about 10 minutes, and then admire the results. Super-versatile and sleek, you can pop the pen in your handbag for on-the-go applications.

Teeth Whitening Starter Pack

This pack is comprehensive, yet very easy to use. You will receive the special whitening gel, moldable trays, LED light, color chart, and instruction manual. Designed to be easy, safe and mess-free, you can feel confident to give yourself the ultimate DIY teeth whitening treatment at home. You don’t need to waste time and money going to a professional; all Pearly White products are made with professional-grade ingredients.

Is it safe and easy for DIY use?

Absolutely! All Pearly Whites products are especially formulated to be easy, safe, and fun to use at home. Each product comes with a helpful instruction manual, so you know exactly how to use your products to achieve that dazzling, white smile you’ve always wanted.

What benefits can I expect?

  • The ability to whiten your teeth in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at any time
  • A safe, pain-free and mess-free application process
  • A cost-effective way of achieving professional results. You don’t need to save up excessive amounts of money to get whiter teeth, simply choose the DIY teeth whitening product that suits your budget
  • Whiter, brighter teeth over time, with the knowledge that you have achieved the result in a safe and healthy way, with no nasty risks or side-effects

Is it effective?

33kjirhutoiGo to the Pearly Whites website and check out the “before and after” photos. You will see for yourself just how effective the DIY teeth whitening systems are. The happy smiles of customers are evidence of the reliability and effectiveness of this trustworthy range from Pearly Whites. Of course, the results will depend on the condition of your teeth when you begin, but you can certainly expect to see some great improvements.


If you have always wanted whiter teeth and a brighter smile, the products from Pearly Whites are highly recommended. Save money, time and fuss by trying out their amazing range of easy-to-use, safe, healthy and effective DIY teeth whitening systems. Whether you prefer …

Why You Should Regularly Visit Your Dentist

When you have a dental emergency, the last thing you want to do is desperately search for a clinic to help you out. That’s why it’s a good idea to find one ahead of time that you can have on call. You never know when you might break or lose a tooth and it happens at the worst times. If you know where to go, then if something like that happens to you or your child, you’ll be prepared. Having a good dentist to count on, for example this dentist in logan is an added advantage because they can treat you better given they know your dental history. Below are reasons why you should visit your dentist.

Why Visit Your Dentist Regularlydfvdfvdfvdfvdfvdfvdfvdfvdfvdfvdf

You can avoid most of the tooth related emergencies if you make sure you visit your dentist regularly, and there are plenty of reasons why you should do that. General Dentistry is responsible for making sure your smile stays nice and healthy. The reason you need to have regular dental appointments is to keep decay at bay and make sure cavities and damage don’t occur due to plaque staying on your teeth. General dentistry isn’t the same as cosmetic dentistry. This article will let you know exactly what general dentistry is for.

Services General Dentistry Offers

When you see a dentist, they will start with an examination of all your teeth and x-rays to see if there are any issues they can’t see on the surface. The dentist is looking for any important signs your teeth have become weak or started to decay. The dentist will also check your gums for soft tissue management seeing if your gums are healthy because that’s where teeth live and they have to rest in a favorable environment. The dentist will clean and polish your teeth sometimes using metal tools to scrape off hard to get plaque. This process is uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt.

Extractions And Root Canals

If needed, the dentist can do basic exkfkdnvkdfnkndfnkdfnvkndfkvnkdfvdfvdfvdftractions, and in some cases, they’ll do root canals. Most of the time, if you need a root canal or more extensive care, then they might recommend you to a specialist. The dentist is the first line of defense for your teeth. A lot of people are afraid to go to the dentist and knowing a little bit about what’s going to happen when you get there will help alleviate some of those fears.

If you are looking for more cosmetic dentistry such as veneers and intense whitening, your dentist may still be able to help you or recommend someone who specializes in that type of work. Whatever the reason may be, you should make sure that you are seeing your dentist at least once in six months, as a stitch in time saves nine.…