What is carrageenan


How many times did you read the ingredients label before you eat your food or drink your beverage? Probably not as much as you should. However, it’s important to know what you are putting in your body, and one of it is carrageenan. You may have eaten it on a lot of occasions, but you didn’t know it was carrageenan. It is a part of ice cream, store bought milk, yogurt, cream, sauces, and a lot of organic food. So let’s get to know more about this ingredient that you’ve been eating.

What is it?

hi4uwhvy4w87Many processed food comes from something else we wouldn’t think of. And whether you like seaweed or not, there’s a good chance that you have eaten it without even realizing. Can you guess how? Well, carrageenan comes from red seaweed that has been dried and processed into powder. So when you drink your coconut or almond mind next time, look at the back of ingredients and see if carrageenan is in it or not.

Is it safe for consumption?

Yes, and the new carrageenan information says so as well. Scientific research is one of the ways to find answers to your questions. And there has been a lot of research and test that you can find on the internet as proof that carrageenan is safe for you. An expert who is also the member of WHO or World Health Organization has stated that it is not dangerous to consume the ingredient. Even though there was a lot of concern concerning this element, you need to look further into the research that says so. For example, pay attention to the amount of carrageenan used in the subject and compare it to your daily foods that contain carrageenan because it’s usually only made up not more than 1% of the food.

The purpose of carrageenan in food

hi4uwhvy4w87Our history with food often goes back to centuries ago. Just like how salt and sugar have a lot of backgrounds before it used the way we are using it today. Carrageenan has also been used from a long time ago, even long before human’s food and beverage is processed with machines. First discovered in Ireland, people were using carrageenan to thicken milk and turn it into puddings. Later in the modern world, with a lot of development in technology and food industry people have found many other ways to use carrageenan. And one of the examples is carrageenan as a food additive and as a stabilizing key for the food.